About Cesar Felix



Hi there! my name is Cesar Felix and I was born in Ecuador. Since young, I felt the needs of living great experiences due on that, in 1993 I made a decision to live in Venezuela for getting new goals in my life and discovered a magnificent interested and love for photography. I studied in Spain sharing with a valuable group of masters and professionals of photography In 1997 I started work as a photographer’s assistant until 2000 when I decided to work for myself, getting professional experience and enjoying what I do. Since then I’ve worked as a wedding photographer.

I see my camera as nothing more than an instrument. An instrument to tell stories, to capture feelings, to share moments, to share emotions and to connect with other people, places and things in this amazing world we live in. I believe photography is the art of capturing fantastic experiences of life, I love creating a feeling emotional connection trough image.

I have done over 700 weddings in my professional career with over 20 years of experience. This gives me a greater perspective and intuition to bring to all the work that I do and empowers me to see fresh creative opportunities in every shoot that I do and every client I work with. Currently, I am based in Danbury city – Connecticut United States.

I enjoy creating memories and emotions for you can to enjoy them all your life